I was born in Rome on august 22, 1988. I graduated at Roma Tre University, obtaining a Law Degree. 


My career as an author began when I was only eleven-years old, receiving my first PC for Christmas. Thanks to my love for historical fiction, one of my short stories inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte won the Book'sBar National Literary Prize.


Later, I dedicated myself to theatre, writing scripts of some plays which received excellent reviews by the most important national newspapers.


Actually my life is devoted to writing fiction. I love every thrillers. My favorite authors are Nelson DeMille, Ken Follett, Steve Berry, Dan Brown and Stephen King.






















"The voices, Anne... The voices.

I, I can't stop them... They, they come when I sleep,
when I wake, when I sup, when I walk down a hall!
The sweet longings of a maiden, the, the surging ambitions of a courtier,
the foul designs of a murderer, the wretched pleas of his victims.
Only-- only when I put their words-- their voices-- to parchment are they cast loose, freed...
Only then is my mind... quieted... at peace."



Edward de Vere

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